Saturday, November 8, 2008

Introduction to Presentation Mode

Greetings! Welcome to the presentation blog for the Thursday afternoon plenary session of the 2008 Focus on Technology and Teaching Regional Conference held at the University of Misosuri at St. Louis.

I use presentation blogs instead of power points because blogs are:
  • Native to the Web - reside online for reference following the conference
  • Permit interaction through the comment mode
  • Facilitate easy hyperlinks (all of the posting titles are hyperlinks to resources on the topic)
  • Provide random access to postings - rather than paging through a serial list of slides

You will find many more presentation blogs at my home page - linked to the title of this posting.

Take a quick tour of the blog - you will note that the right column includes daily-updates from three blogs - Online Learning Update, Educational Technology, and Techno-News.

Please post comments to keep the discussion going.

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